Hi!  I'm Lisa, owner/founder/creator of Unique2Keep.  I came up with the idea for these small cremation vials and their matching stands several years ago when I was looking for a unique, modern, not-like-everything-else way to display cremation ashes.  Everything I saw online was very similar and ordinary. 

I wanted something that I would actually want to display out in the open, proudly and would catch people's eye.  I don't want to hide the ashes away in the back of a closet - no way!

I also wanted a keepsake vial that was small enough to hold just the right amount of cremation ashes for me and still leave ashes to share.  With the Unique2Keep vials everyone can have their own cremation ashes to keep with them forever.

I also wanted to be able to travel with the ashes if the urge hit me.  These vials are small enough to fit in a pocket, in a purse or backpack or tied around your wrist!  Your loved one or pet can still be with you wherever you are!  Pretty cool, right?

Our loved ones and our pets are amazingly unique and cool and they deserve a Unique2Keep vial!  I promise it'll make you, and everyone who sees it, smile!