This unique brass vial, together with its matching acrylic stand, hold a lot of love.

Owning a Unique2Keep piece is like having a unique, modern piece of art for your loved one's or your pet's ashes. You'll definitely want to put this distinctive piece on display!

At last! A unique, modern way to display cremation ashes. You aren't ordinary. You're unique. That's why you need Unique2Keep for your incredibly unique loved one's ashes and pet's ashes.

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  • The perfect size vial

    The vials are big enough to hold your ashes yet small enough to take with you wherever you go!

  • The traveling vial

    Did you love going on bike rides with your FBF* (*Furry Best Friend). Guess what? You can still take your FBF with you!

  • The heck yeah vial

    Could you and your loved one always be found at a bottomless mimosa brunch? Guess what? You still can! Wrap your vial on your wrist and go!